Semi Automatic key way milling machine

Semi Automatic key way milling machine

Model : WH-150/200
Western Hydromovers is a company dedicated to the design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance of key way milling machines in Naroda, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Since its inception, Western Hydromovers has been mainly dedicated to the development and production that are designed and built to obtain optimal work qualities.

In order to meet the particular needs of each client, the key way milling machine can be equipped with special accessories. Our priority is to supply the complete cutting unit including cutting and suction table and filter unit.
Specialized tool-making workers work to high specifications and quality requirements to produce machine tools, used for manufacturing. Our machine has 1800 spindle RPM, Shaft clamping DIA 12 mm to 70 mm, key way length 5 mm to 200 mm. ER 20 is standard collect and using very less power 1hp/075kw. They also make molds to give shapes, templates to guide cutters or to hold a part, and dies, which are then shaped blocks used to cut, stamp, or press materials. Since its founding, it has always invested in research and development of manufacturing and control technologies. it carries out various machining operations with hardly any operator intervention required. The milling can be conventional or machines are equipped with numerical control. The appearance of this machine tool is linked to the implementation of numerical control technology in this type of industrial machinery. And it was precisely designed with the purpose of achieving milling with greater precision and greater safety, it is for this reason that many professionals in our sector affirm that the machining center is the machine tool resulting from the technological evolution of the milling machine in the field of machining.

Why Should you buy our Key way Milling Machine?
Ø  Our machines that offer very good finishes which helps to improve the precision of the work performed.
Ø  They are versatile machines since they are capable of carrying out various machining operations on the part.
Ø  They have a high production speed and can perform many operations on the workpiece automatically.
Ø  They allow a great uniformity in the parts that are manufactured, which makes them a very useful machine for mass production.
Ø  Being semi-automated, machining centers increase productivity and require less labor, which translates into significant cost savings for the employer.
Ø  Cost-Effective yet better sales after services

If you are thinking of acquiring machining and you have doubts or any kind of questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will be happy to advise you personally to solve all your questions.


1800 rpm
12 mm – 70 mm
LENGTH OF KEY-WAY 5mm – 150/200mm
KEY-WAY SIZE 3mm – 12mm